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 (Demo 0.2) This is a demo version!

This is a visual novel with mysteries for the player to solve, and a complex choice based story to unfold.

Well that's the idea anyway. This is a demo version of the story's prologue. The game is in development, and any support or feedback is very welcome.

The feel I'm going for: A horror mystery with a sense of humor.

The When is a strange place. Often considered 'the bleeding reality', its invasive nature is responsible for many supernatural phenomena. Some people have made it their jobs to investigate these phenomena, and to prevent harm coming to the people involved. However, an incident in a small village in Anderland is about to escalate.

The two protagonists:
-Thomas Konijn, a trained investigator. He's a large man with a soft mind and a love for the unusual. 
-Hanneke Hermelijn, a university student who enjoys photography and has a dangerous curiosity towards the unknown.


Current features:

-2 playable chapters
-Introduction to Thomas Konijn
-Original Soundtrack
-A working save/load system
-Chapter Select Screen
-Fancy screen that says 'to be continued' before kicking you back to the title screen

Planned features:

Free Demo Version 0.3:

Prologue rebuilt in Ren'py, playable web version.

Full Version:

-Visual Novel story alternated with exploration segments (loosely inspired by Phoenix Wright)

-Mysteries and puzzles for the player to solve, and interesting locations to explore
-Lots of characters to interact with, and to decide the fate of
-A branching story with meaningful choices, spanning across a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 cases.


If you play the demo, do let me know your thoughts. I could use your feedback to improve the game.

(also, donations are always welcome ;) )

Note: If you play this game on stream or video, please refer your viewers to this page so the project can benefit from the exposure. Thank you :)


Plans going forward:

-develop and release a more expansive free demo
-develop the first storyline and prerelease for a small purchase price
-develop the rest of the game and release for an appropriate price (I'll have to figure this out while we go, since the true scope of the game is not yet set in stone)


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Precipice of the When.zip - Demo Version 0.2 263 MB

Development log


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The game seems interesting so far.  I like the art style and the atmosphere so far. Really nice.


Thank you very much for the kind words and the playthrough!

You’re welcome. Keep up the good work. 😊 

Full Playlist if anyone is curious. I’ll add to it as the game is updated. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5H8qluVklmBo4NcoF1uZMMQT2MWgEdZM

kinda wish the demo had more than just a convo between a dad and son but i can tell its gonna get good!

Hello, I played this game and I liked it, it was very short though and I wish it had a bit more to it, I know it's a demo but a little more story/concept would be good, also that there was barely any sound effect except the clock ticking one so a few more of those would be nice too over all I liked it, good work :)

Thank you for the kind words and the feedback! I'll keep it in mind. When I polish up the dialogue scenes, I'll see if adding extra sound effects will work

Amazing game dev i'm excited for the full version

Thank you for the kind words and the donation!