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Operation Gekkou is the effort to turn the story of GGZ into a Visual Novel with refurbished English translations. It is intended to make the story more accessible to the English speaking audience, as well as improve upon the text and translations. Additionally, it is meant to encourage players to support the game by playing through the game's stages on the Japanese servers. For more info on the project and our progress, visit Operation Gekkou Webpage!

Visit the official JP website for the original game: Guns GirlZ official Japanese website
More community info for Guns GirlZ: Hoyostans page for Guns GirlZ

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Current Version: v3.4.0 Dreams and Violins

This project contains assets and music owned by miHoYo. We are building it under the assumption that it will benefit miHoYo's work, and the assumption that translation of unlocalised work is generally appreciated.

If miHoYo, at any point and for any reason, decides they do not wish to allow this project to continue, we WILL take it down.

View the full credits here: Full Credits (can be a version behind)

If you have any issues or feedback, please let us know in this fancy form: Fancy Feedback Form

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorsMister Spaceman, JKCrafted
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, chinese, Gacha, guns-girlz, japanese, mihoyo, tool, translation, Zombies


PC version (Windows/Linux) v3.4 (current) 520 MB
Mac version v3.4 (current) 514 MB
Android version v3.4 (current) 527 MB

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this is so cool! Wish I could help. 

Can we talk about how good the main menu theme is?

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wooo, nice... wow, Kiana is something else back them huh?

This looks great !
I was curious about GGZ since I've been a Hi3 player for a long time so it looks like a good way to experience its story.
I just had a question regarding the difference between this and the english patch that can be obtained on the Scene Interpreter website (and used on the jpn app), by using both will I get to experience the story twice the same ? I'm not quite sure how should I use them alongside each other. 


I recently wanted to get into this game after finishing Part 1 of HI3 and I love the effort you have been putting into this, thank you so much 💜

Why did windows defender block it??

Windows Defender blocks a lot of safe itch games so just run it anyway, I can assure you the majority of games are safe to play.

But always check the comments to see if it is a virus, and of there are no comments then it's probably someone copying the game and posting it themselves.


just got this recommended to me and thank you so much i really appreciate it! i can't wait for any future updates to the project as well!! 

Hey was really curious as to what's happened with this project? Recently started using it to play alongside the untranslated japanese version and caught up. Realised that there hasn't been any update here for quite some time. Is this project canned? Is it just delayed? Would appreciate any kind of update regarding it's status or whether there's a new update on the horizon since I've really enjoyed using it as a companion to the game


It's just delayed. Most of the project bottlenecks at one person, me, and I've been very busy with life. I really want to get back to it. We've been discussing the direction of the project, and we're looking for ways we can do this more efficiently.

I can't give a proper ETA right now, but I am rearing to get back into it. There's so much more to explore still.


Thanks for the response and transparency. No rush, looking forward to the next update and thank you for the work you put into this, really appreciate it :)


next Update?

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Deleted 43 days ago
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that is fuuuuuuun


this hits harder, especially with GGZ shutting down SEA and global servers and this is one of the few things that is brining me comfort </3


I really enjoyed Palefox and Yae Sakura world boss loved the music was very emotional love the archive entry system where you get more information on what happened also the instructions for the games stages and when to play and when to read are great I also really enjoy the translators notes as it shows the amount of effort that goes into translating I don't know how translation works but I know it takes a lot of effort and I really appreciate your reasons for making project gekkou looking forward to doing the Nagazora bunny chapter as I still have that to do   

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Thanks For saving My Life i was so sad because i thinked  i can never Experience The Story.


I really enjoyed reading it I haven't read it all only finished the prologue and finished thunderclouds across the full moon but it was really good can't wait to read the rest its so nice to be able to learn some of the story and lore of ggz the sound effects plus music plus everything made a really good read and project i look forward to reading the rest when its ready and once i finish whats already out also good luck with the project and thanks again for doing this 


Amazing, I'm excited to see more of the story put in.


This wasn't half bad, i never played the actually game to be honest but reading through this was rather interesting, i know its just a translation but the story aint so bad, and i want more people to see this if possible, i made a video on it to help spread some more publicity, but like what you all are doing, if mihoyo doesnt want this to be seen at all, ill delete the video, and i really think mihoyo should hire you all to work on a better translation of the sides and release it globally for western audiences. Definitely will make far more money, anyway, keep up the good work


Absolutely wonderful job, thank you so much! I have been curious about the GGZ story but the translations were off-putting and then the servers closed... cannot wait when this is finished.